Grassroots Appeasement?

While I've been taking copious amounts of drugs to keep the brain aneurysm at bay over the Conservatives new budget, this little tidbit smolders out of Ottawa:
' OTTAWA — The Harper government will introduce new Senate reform legislation that would force the new raft of Conservative-appointed senators to quit their jobs after an eight-year term.
' “That will apply to the recently appointed senators as well as any future appointments,” Mr. Fletcher said. “Anyone who was appointed after the 2008 election will be subject to the eight-year terms.”
' “Right now, we must get our stimulus package passed through Parliament and we need to do that quickly,” he said. “It just has to be passed before we can deal with the Senate … it's by far and away the No. 1 priority.”
' Sources have said that the government is thinking of allowing the federal government to hold Senate elections directly, as opposed to a previous bill which would have had the provinces hold votes.'(link)

This along with the recent gun registry announcement leads me to believe that some appeasement of grassroots party members is under way.

First I appreciate any efforts in Ottawa to keep my blood pressure low.

Second this isn't good enough. All this is is words. Senate reform was also pushed in the last session of parliament without any focus. They will have to go way further to lower this young geezers blood pressure out of the "rage" range.

Right now my vision is still blurry and I keep on confusing Iggy puff with Harper at news conferences. How can you tell the difference anyways they agree on everything nowadays?


  1. ''How can you tell the difference anyways they agree on everything nowadays?''

    PMSH makes decisions, says it first;
    then is parroted by Iffy.

    Yes, there is an echo in the room.

    The budget was an international committment PMSH kept;
    Senate reform and killing the gun registy is a grassroots committment PMSH is keeping.

  2. "The budget was an international committment PMSH kept;"

    To be frank: I don't care.

    He made a commitment to grassroots conservatives to fight for conservative principles. Where did those go again?