Did you pay it back John?

A promise made...
"...Mr. Tory’s staff and supporters, who control the Ontario PC Party’s offices, sent me a brown envelope just over a year ago that still sits at on my kitchen table. The envelope was sent by Mr. Tory’s supporters during his recent, and much publicized, leadership review. Inside was a passionate plea for me, a voter in that review, to keep Mr. Tory as PC Party leader. What is concerning about this envelope though is that the costs associated with it were not paid for by Mr. Tory or his supporters directly but from PC Party funds. Mr. Tory, when confronted by this last year, admitted that this highly unethical act was a problem and promised to repay the thousands of dollars that were misappropriated for his direct gain. To this date, March 2, 2009, he has not publicly come forward to return this money that his supporters virtually stole from party donors.(link)

... Let's hope is a promise kept.

This issue has been all but completely forgotten since the leadership review. Did you pay the money back John? I certainly hope so for your sake.

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