It's Always the Guns

Gun Control at work in Germany:
"A shooting rampage that began in a high school in southwestern Germany on Wednesday has left the teenage gunman and at least 15 others dead, authorities said."

"Police said a 17-year-old former student dressed in combat gear entered Albertville technical high school in Winnenden, northeast of Stuttgart, and began shooting at random, killing nine students, three teachers and a passerby outside the building."(link)

I don't get it- the government in Germany restricts handgun ownership to those over 18.

MAN! Don't criminals listen to governments anymore?

I miss the good old days when criminals obeyed the law, and politicians did everything right all the time every time.

You know the days when governments spending like drunken sailors cured depressions and Canadian Senators actually earned a living...

Yes I am a cynic. And yes I do feel for those victims. The problem is I know that part of what caused this disaster in the first place is a culture that treats guns and those who own them lawfully as part of the problem:
"Police searched the suspect's parents' home Wednesday. They said his father, who belongs to a local gun club, had 16 legally owned firearms, one of which was missing."

Yes he belonged to a gun club.

Time to start the nights of terror and round up those evil gun owners because they are obviously the reason why 17 year old kids with serious issues go on killing rampages.

Maybe just maybe these kids are doing these things because fundamentally we live in a global society that demeans the value of life on a daily basis?

Nah!!! It's gotta be the guns. It's always the guns.

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