John Tory RIP

Last night was a bad one for John Tory:
LINDSAY, ONT. — Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader John Tory was defeated in a by-election race Thursday night, leaving his political career in tatters.
"Obviously, I am very disappointed by the results today, but the voters can never be wrong in what they decide and I respect their decision," Mr. Tory said in conceding defeat.(link)

This has got to be earth shattering to Tory and his supporters out there. Night's like these just kill you in politics. As someone that's supported more losers of elections than winner I can sense the frustration very clearly from John clouded behind the nice words and pleasant attitude. It's all to familiar.

That being said part of me wants to jump for joy. John Tory had embarked on a quasi-oppressive campaign against the old Harris guard of the provincial PCs. "Common Sense" was the relic of cavemen rural types that didn't understand big cities like Toronto. When from my perspective it was Tory and his supporters that didn't understand people past Mississauga, or a majority of their base for that matter.

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