Ten Percenters

"A pervert in a plaid shirt is luring a child in a park, but the Bloc Québécois will not do anything to stop him, the Conservative Party says in a new round of attack ads.

The message, which was sent at taxpayers' expense in every single Bloc riding, features a blurry picture of a small boy leaving a park with an older man. The two are walking hand-in-hand, and a nearby kiddy swing is empty.

“Your Bloc MP has voted against the protection of children,” the tag line states.
Mr. Guimond said the use of parliamentary resources to send out the ads is despicable."

The infamous "Ten Percenters" are the annoying pamphlets you get in the mail from MPs that aren't your own, you could care less about, and know nothing about.

Sometimes they are from someone outside your province. You see as an MP you are allowed to send a mailout to ten percent of riding's population anywhere in the country at the taxpayer's expense.

Never mind the reason "Ten Percenters" exist. The point is they are used by political parties to infiltrate new markets. Basically MP A will use his "Ten Percenter" for some Riding on the other end of the country where his party is weak.

Inappropriate use of parliamentary funds? Absolutely.

Though just where does everyone think that the Conservatives picked up this tactic? Does anyone really think they've dreamed this up on their own?

Pay attention to those annoying pamphlets the next time you get one. You should notice not all of them come from the Conservative Party of Canada.


  1. ' Inappropriate use of parliamentary funds? '

    EVERYTHING all the parties do, parliament, all levels of government is paid for by the taxpayer.
    Us. Taxpaying Canadians.
    We pay for the employed and unemployed.

    Most unappropriate use of my tax dollars is in Question Period, the entire Senate and CBC.

  2. I live in Cambridge, ON and for a few years now I have been getting ten percenters from NDPers Jack Layton and Nathan Cullen who represents a BC riding.