Danny Boy is a Putz...

Or atleast the lovable Newfie millionaire is sure acting like one of late.

Harper's never said that he wasn't going to fulfill the promise of fixing the fiscal imbalance. What he did say however was that it was egotiation. Equalization clawbacks and the whole miriad is all part of the same enchilada to Harper. The actual amounts would have to be haggled out later in a deal. No deal, no money.

Danny Boy's outburst threatening the PM reminds me of his threat to the US a while back during a missile defense test. His immediate concern was that debris from a missile shot probably hundreds of klicks above Newfie airspace could land and strike a Newfie sea refinery blowing it to smitherines.

Apparently the copious safety protocols rockets must have to launch these days, or the fact that the chances of such a hit were neglible in the first place were all post on a mad Danny. He protested. He threw a tandrem. He eventually withdrew his ojections after he realised his mistake and after I imagine numerous aerospace industry experts stopped laughing themselves silly.

My guess is that Danny's latest emotional outburst will soon earn him some more laughs. Perhaps this time at his and Newfoundland's expense.


  1. Anonymous11:47 AM

    you mean putz, right?

  2. Anonymous11:56 AM

    It is no surprise that after dozens of years, Danny Boy's province was a have-not province and therefore was on the dole to all the other provinces, most probably Alberta. Now all of a sudden his province has a few bucks and the pleading hand has now become a fist. It's amazing what greed can do to someone who has begged for years, expecting a hand-out, but now refuses to pay his way to help others.

  3. The "putz" has corrected the error...

    I tried finding it in a dictionary online to confirm the spelling but I couldn't find a thing.

    This putz apologies a bunch.

    PS - I never knew it could also refer to a "penis." I've been called the name before by a certain father who is about to have one interesting conversation with me!

  4. Danny's a millionaire? So equalization is ok as long it's not his money that's part of the equalization process, right? Well, I suppose he does pay more than his share of taxes, given the tax system, but it's funny how someone who's pro-equalization would still have so much money.

    I made a comment regarding equalization the other night on another blog. First we need to considering that this country is full of immigrants, whether your family immigrated here in the past 25 or in the past 200 years, most families are or are decendents of immigrants. People immigrated to this country for better opportunities, freedom from oppression, escape from famine, etc. It's funny how once they're here that people tend to change that attitude that they should find a better life elsewhere. As soon as EI and welfare helps people live off our tax dollars most of or every day of the year, they just sit on their butts all day. I say it's time to embrace that principle of looking for opportunity and the west to do some job recruiting in Newfoundland. It's generally part of the concept of "structural unemployment".

  5. Williams is a pain in the @rse, he loves to use the leavers of nanny state and loves reminding people about his ego which is the size of an elephant.

  6. I liked Danny when he stood up to Martin. Lowering the flag was a bit extreme ,but how else would he get Dithers attention, and let the rest of us know what Dithers was up to.
    So there was Gidget Taber trying to spin Danny's story on Duffy tonight. At least twice she asked (all twittery) "Did Harper get angry and storm out of the room?"
    Williams said 'No'...at least twice....