Home Schooling Crimes

A family in Alberta is applying for asylum.  This wouldn't be an abnormal occurrence in Canada - but it is when the  family is from Germany, a well developed democracy, and the issue that has the family running is the fact that they home-school their children.  In Germany families that choose to home-school their children are fined, thrown in jail, and in some cases their children are literally taken away from them.  All of this is done under a home-schooling ban put in effect under than non other than Adolf Hitler himself.

Two quick thoughts come to mind:
1)  We should be lucky that we live in country as free as it is.  And I'm not talking about the modern relativistic definition of freedom that dresses up entitlements as rights but true genuine freedom of the individual to be left alone.  We have our problems but obviously this is one category where Canada shines.
2)  This is exactly the reason why many including myself disagree with any attempt to reduce the number of asylum seekers that the government has made in the past.  Knowing the way large bureaucracies work, no doubt it would be these type of genuine asylum seekers that would get cut first.

Brings the whole debate about "National Daycare" into perspective doesn't it?  I guess mommy and daddy no long know best - now it's "Government" knows best.

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