Coren on Guergis

Apparently Coren agrees with my sentiments.  Guergis's actions although totally unacceptable are far less than the standard we would typically expect a minister to resign over.

Honestly I really can't understand the particular concern over Guergis's actions.  They were deplorable, but at the end of the day she was not lying, cheating, stealing, physically abusive, or had an elicit sexual affair.  She had a hissy fit, exihibited a sense of entitlement, and was at most verbally abusive to those around her.  Yet she had the good sense to recognize her mistake and apologize.

No one in life is perfect - at the very least me - yet I am genuinely surprised at the harsh assessment that some of even my own fellow conservatives have made.  I have a feeling though that Coren is right: a good deal of the intensity around Guergis is less directed at her actions and is more directed at her physical appearance and the fact that she is a Tory.

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