Ignatieff's Post-Olympics Yikes

There's a foul wind running from Quebec straight at Iggy Puff's face today.  He has a an irate Grit candidate coming out in her Anti-Iggy Pro-Coderre sympathies.  This has to be among the dumbest things that a grit in Quebec can do - if that Grit actually cares about the short term success of their party.

No doubt this move is clearly an all out attack on Iggy in the media by the pro-Coderre more left leaning Liberals out there.  Coderre though would be best to ask his friends to keep their mouthes shut.  I doubt he will positioning himself well for a leadership run later on if he or his supporters manage to antagonize those moderates in the Liberal Party.  It's precisely those moderates he will need to win over to become leader.

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