The emphasis over the last five years on promoting abstinence from sex has led to widespread neglect of discussions about the safety of various sexual practices, Wagoner said.
What emphasis? Who was stressing it? Because as far as I can tell it's been Soddom and Gomorah as usual in the last decade... If anything the acceptance of promiscous behaviour in society is well highlighted by shows like Sex in City and Desperate Housewives.

And what's this, toilet paper?
The continuing push for explicit sex-ed programs in the US and abroad and the consequent rise in promiscuous sexual activity among youth has concerned organizations re-emphasizing the dangers that result from this phenomenon. One study being emphasized is a US Centers for Disease study which warned that the prevalence of sexually transmitted disease (STD) in the US is having a serious impact on the rates of disability and premature death.

Absitence isn't being stressed. And for that conclusion to be drawn from that data... Well it's just plain simply doesn't make any sense.

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