Environmentalism.... with an emphasis on the "mental"...

Green Party leader Elizabeth May has a loose cannon on her hands:
"When I saw the first tower cascade down into that enormous plume of dust and paper, there was a little voice inside me that said, 'Yeah!' When the second tower came down the same way, that little voice said, 'Beautiful!' When the visage of the Pentagon appeared on the TV with a gaping and smoking hole in its side, that little voice had nearly taken me over, and I felt an urge to pump my fist in the air..."
Yes that's right - he's talking about 9/11. This green party candidate pretty much sums up what I notice predominately from the extreme left - a cult of human hating. Hatred of humanity is just something they can't help but do. Especially those enviro-fascists out there.

Meanwhile May finds herself in hot water herself:

"Well, I don't believe in backroom deals of any kind. If I had a deal, I'd talk about it publicly," she said.

"We don't have any deal. But that's not saying that I haven't talked to many of my friends in this riding who traditionally support the New Democrats and traditionally support the Liberals. And I know that locally there are people who will want to help me win this riding. I'd appreciate the help from any quarter, but at this point I don't have any guarantees or deals of any kind."

Just to be clear this isn't a deal. But what it is an agreement that Stephane Dion won't let anyone with the Liberal Party banner run in Peter Mackay's riding, and coincidentally May will just happen to support Dion as Prime Minister in the next election. Again though - it isn't a deal.

This prompted Jack Layton to make this response:
"It's disappointing and somewhat surprising that Ms. May, who professes to be someone who stands on principle, would have so quickly slipped into the muck of backroom wheeling and dealing," said Layton.
I think Jack is placing himself quite well to receive the disgruntled Liberal and Green votes over the maneuver. And since the Dippers look like they're still running in Central Nova I'm thinking that left wing vote splitting will continue to produce Peter Mackay as an MP. Keep in mind it was the NDP that finished second there the last time around and not the Fiberals.

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