Patron Saints of Hypocrisy

I think I've taken about as much I can of the Conservative spending orgy that Harper's gone on lately:

"They [the Conservatives] attacked government investment in aerospace as unwarranted government subsidy," Scott Brison, the Liberal industry critic, told the Globe and Mail.

"And in a pre-election environment, they're trying to do the same thing. These guys are the patron saints of hypocrisy.

"This sounds like a pre-election, ad hoc drop in the bucket to improve the perception of what they've done for aerospace."

As much as Bombardier needs more state money to build snowmobiles, I think it's safe to say that they didn't need this money. I hate to say this but Scott Brison, the true Patron Saint of Hypocrisy, has it right when it comes to this. He's not right in calling Harper a hypocrite, after all Harper never promised he would end subsidies to the aerospace industry, but he is negating the conservative principles of individual initiative and individual

Aerospace subsidies are far more harmful to the aerospace industry as far as I'm concerned. It promotes an uncompetitive environment where players become in disordered markets of aerospace they wouldn't be bothered with if they didn't have all this government money to waste.

I know there are plenty of good people working in the industry. But this was not a conservative policy move whatsoever. Tax cuts do not negate the individual responsibility and I think prove to be far more effective than subsidies doled out to politically advantageous interests...

I hope and pray that Harper ends this cash extravaganza because it was this type of spending that got the Liberals into trouble with Adscam. Otherwise his government quickly could become not hypocritical as the King of Hypocrites Scott Brison would claim, it will become corrupted and devoid of principle... That leads to hypocrisy.

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