The True Climate Change Deniers II

Global warming on Mars? It's not the sun, it's Martian albedo:

"Albedo" is the technical term for a planet's ability to reflect sunlight, and on Mars its over-all albedo has decreased since it was first measured between 1976 to 1978 by infrared detectors aboard the two orbiting Viking spacecraft whose landers had descended to the surface in a search for signs of Martian life.

More than 20 years later, infrared heat detectors aboard the orbiting Mars Global Surveyor measured the planet's albedo and found that it had darkened significantly.

That's an interesting conclusion. Because if the warming was caused by something else... say solar radiation, like a small minority of scientists have claimed is the cause of terran warming, then it would make that minority's argument seem baseless.

After all if global warming is happening all across the solar system then it's obvious it isn't something locally being done by humans on earth that's causing it.

So there is an added political benefit the establishment has in accepting these findings since they neatly explain away one of the prevailing arguments against humans being the prime cause of global climate change on earth. That fact makes me question these results.

The causes of global warming on Mars -- still not entirely understood, Fenton said -- are not only far different from those on Earth, but the temperatures involved are totally different.

Not “…entirely understood…” is about right. Especially since Jupiter is also showing signs of warming:

Researchers think the Hubble images may provide evidence that Jupiter is in the midst of a global climate change that will alter its average temperature at some latitudes by as much as 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

We have two planets in the solar system other than earth showing global warming trends and yet we still believe that the sun's effect on global climate change on earth is negligible to small? What's worse we try to explain away Martian global warming now as a natural effect. Soon to be explained away will be Jupiter I'm sure.

It seems to me that those that continue to exclude the possibility of the sun being a primary source global warming over the past decade are the true climate change deniers.

The True Climate Change Deniers I

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