For Everyone Of You That Says You Can't...

Stephen Hawking has just said a resounding "I CAN!"

Hawking's zero-g flight is an inspiration to the rest of the human race. In a world filled with those that think in terms of limits, this flight shows that thinking only in terms of limits sells ourselves short. Hawking's thought in terms of possibilities. He was and is the expression of the modern "dreamer."

I think his comments of the risk adverse nature of government when it comes to space exploration is telling:
"I think that getting a portion of the human race permanently off the planet is imperative for our future as a species. It will be difficult to do this with the slow, expensive and risk-averse nature of government space programs," Hawking said, working in a veiled reference to NASA. "We need to engage the entrepreneurial engine that has reduced the cost of everything from airline tickets to personal computers."
I agree with independent space consultant Charles Lurio. Hawking's "gets it."

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