Guergis Shouldn't Resign

What she did was incredibly stupid. But did she strangle a protester in front of TV cameras? Did she get arrested for drunk driving? Did she have numerous sexual relationships lying to her spouse?

What she did do was have a horrendous hissy fit while trying to get on an Air Canada jet - something about 90%  have probably had fantasies of doing while dealing with that less than high quality airline/monopoly.  I have a family member that once tore up and threw a voucher at an Air Canada attendants face due to the-ahum-extremely poor quality of service.  I think the thing most people have problems with is the sense of entitlement in her rant. It's the I'm above the little guy mentality.

Given even that, can you really say that the character flaws she exhibited are worse than those above?  She apologized and I think it's reasonable for her to stick this one through.

Now if she had assaulted an member of the Air Canada staff that would be something.

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