Allan Rock Should Be Fired

Remember the Ann Coulter affair? Remember that notorious letter sent by the provost of the University of Ottawa? Remember how Allan Rock, former Liberal cabinet minister and Prez of U of O was mysteriously silent the whole time?

Turns out he was behind the whole damn thing:

"You, Francois, as Provost, should write immediately to Coulter informing her of our domestic laws. ... You should urge her to respect that Canadian tradition as she enjoys the privilege of her visit."

After seeing a copy of the final email to Coulter, Rock praised Houle: "Quel excellent message! Merci et felicitations. I am sure she has never been dressed down so elegantly in her life!"

These emails show a lack of professionalism, a lack of good sense, and a lack of character on behalf of Rock. He should be fired.

He should be fired if U of O wants to maintain the basic semblance of any credibility whatsoever.

He should be fired for using his position to intimate visitors to this country merely because he disagrees with them.

He should be fired because he clearly has no integrity whatsoever.