Senate Regression

Rumblings of a disaster on the PM's senate reform strategy. Apparently appointing a whack of loyalists to the chamber of not-so-sober second thought to ram through Senate reform can have its hiccups:
While a handful, like staunch Ontario Conservatives Bob Runciman and Doug Finley pledged full support for an elected Senate, senators Mike Duffy, Irving Gerstein and Glen Patterson refused to say whether they still support the government’s legislation.(link)
It's the 21st century - and yet we still have a body of legislators not chosen by the people? Shouldn't it be a right for people to choose who represents them, or am I just crazy?

I think it's time for responsible government to make a comeback in this country.

If there are some turncoats that want to change their minds at the 11th hour - I say let them.

They're fighting a tide that has no end. It's an eventually for it to happen. The issue has been around since Confederation, and it will stick until it's finally fixed.

Over the long term people have a habit of fixing bad decisions. For that reason Senate Reform is an idea that can't be beat.