June Round-Up

June was a strange month in the world of Canadian politics.

It started with Poll numbers showing a left wing coalition would actually drive up Conservative support. The media reported that fact most forcefully... Actually they didn't, and sort've sucked the oxygen out of the room by implying the exact opposite.

The Liberals soon thereafter released a stinky ad. Iggy Puff's attempt on turning the page on the coalition circus? A complete utter failure.

What did do the job for the Puffster was the G20. Escalating costs were an embarrassment - especially when French President's mused they could hold the same summit for a 1/10th of the cost. The complete stupidity that seemed to ensue that weekend proved to be much more captivating to the media then whether Layton and the Puffster need to get more comfortable.

Was it a good month? Well... It was a month. I'm sure there's a lot that people want to forget about the last 30 days... Especially in downtown TO.