Richard Neufeld: The Unelected Tory Senator

Has elected to change his mind on the Senate:
"Before I came here, I only thought about it when it was brought up in newspaper articles, or someone was ranting and raving about the Senate when they talked about elections. But I thought we should have an elected Senate," Neufeld said.

Indeed, Neufeld has become a big booster of the current unelected Senate.

"It is time to quit kicking the Senate. It is time to start talking about the good things we do," he told fellow senators.
His reasons for his newfound opposition?
Neufeld said he supports term limits but the Senate election bill is "neither workable nor effective."

By contrast, he said: "The appointment process is quick and cheap. You can have regional representation and do all kinds of things. You can get a cross-section of the people that you want in this place."

"...that you want..."?

That who wants? The people? Nope can't be them. They don't decide zilch.

What I'm guessing he means by "you" is the enlightened few and mighty up in Ottawa. That sounds like a healthy run-by-the-people democracy to me!

You can't be too picky about who you do and don't appoint as Senators. That would cost too much money. Senators only get paid hundred of thousands of dollars each year and make far reaching decisions on public policy that effect millions for decades... That isn't election worthy. That's just too much money.

But the Senator leaves his best argument for last!
He said he's the first senator ever to hail from northern British Columbia. If he'd had to seek election for the job, he doubted he'd have garnered many votes in Vancouver and the populous southern portion of the province.

Furthermore, he noted that the bill contemplates holding Senate elections at the same time as provincial or municipal elections. He said that would be confusing to voters, particularly in British Columbia where there is no Conservative party provincially.

Sooooo basically he's saying "gee whiz, I wouldn't even be here if I had to actually run in an election!"

Well me, being one those "confused" voters that won't be able to tell the difference between Dalton McGuilty, David Miller, and Hugh Segal, I guess should thank Mr Neufeld for looking after us stupids.

Ok my sarcasm is done for today. I promise.