Brilliant Stupendously Amazing Strategy for the Opposition

What are those knuckleheads in the opposition up to this time? Plenty:
OTTAWA - Just days into the new session, opposition parties are accusing the Harper government of showing disrespect for Parliament.

New Democrats and Liberals are criticizing the government for dispensing with the traditional debate and vote on the throne speech.(link)

Let's see what the Great Mulclair has to say:

"It's a lack of respect for our parliamentary traditions," Mulcair said, laying the blame squarely on Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his penchant for "hyper-control."
Sounds bad. What do you say about all this Bobby?
"Having the speech on a Friday, with no debate, means no one else gets a chance to speak, no other voices heard," Rae said.

He said the Conservatives are "uncomfortable with Parliament and uncomfortable with opposition."

Sounds like we should storm the Bastille already.

Actually it sounds an awful lot like the election campaign we just had. You know the one. It's the one where that Dude Iggy Puff got creamed.

Oh, and what was his strategy? Try to paint the government as being Gadaffi like.

Is it possible that the Tories might have another justification?

Parliamentary procedure expert Ned Franks said the tactic is somewhat surprising but "justifiable" because the government must quickly pass its budget or risk running out of money over the summer.

Franks noted that the government has been using "special warrants" to finance its operations since Parliament dissolved in March for the election campaign. But the ability to rely on warrants expires 60 days following the return of the election writs.

Memo to the Opposition: Canadians don't care. Canadians don't believe you.

I know that's hard for Urban Progressives to grasp in their ivory towers, but it's true. Canadians care about paying the bills, taking care of family, putting food on the table and changing diapers.

You'd think that the opposition would get that after the election we just had. I thought Layton had heard that message from Dexter.

At this rate Harper will be PM for the next millenium with an opposition as immature, short-sighted, and daft as this.