Quebec Liberals Back Off on Senate... Sort Of...

"We do agree that the Senate should be reformed, but we do not agree on the way the speech [from the throne] proposes it will be done," Moreau told guest host Alison Crawford.(link)

So is it elected Senators that the people of Quebec choose that you disagree with? Do you prefer unelected unaccountable bagmen of Prime Minister's past representing you instead?

Or is it Senate term limits that you disagree with? I can understand how putting limits on a politician's power would seem crazy nutbar radical for a Provincial Government intent on preventing parents from actually daring to teach their children their own values.

Please sir do clarify.

Because I want to be clear on just what you are opposing so, that come the next Provincial election in Quebec, the people will be able to exercise the accountability that you may (or may not) object to being present in our beloved Chamber of Sober (Although Not Always) Second Thought.