DePape Should Refund Taxpayers

The raging Socialist (and probably proud of it) Page named Brigette DePape should refund taxpayers her salary.

Is that too harsh? I don't believe so.

DePape was "...nearing the end of her year-long job as a page..."

So much for bravery. According to the Parliamentary Page Web Site, Pages are paid $11,807 in 26 installments, with an additional $1,200 paid at the end of their contract.

Knowing this, her actions are not brave, but rather a little tincy-wincy bit cowardly.

Her contract was up. Her time was over. She had nothing to loose (expect maybe her reputation).

I was going to withhold her name from this article, because quite frankly I think her actions will be a death knell to this poor girl's future, but then I read this:

DePape appeared to have a job offer from someone at the Public Service Alliance of Canada before the day was done.
This world is insane. Obviously the left in this country has a slightly different definition of "civility" than I do. Go figure.

I don't care (and I don't think most Canadians care) what ridiculous teenage-ish stunts DePape pulls and is fired by. There are more important things in life.

What they do care about is that their money has been wasted going to someone who has acted unprofessionally, without honor, tarnishing the image of Parliamentary tradition of Pages, ultimately being undeserving of the honor of being a Page.

DePape, you should refund your salary. It's the only honorable thing to do.


Words of wisdom from DePape's father:

“My dad was quite critical of it. He sort of asked what concrete changes can this actually have,” she said.
No kidding. The answer to that question is pretty self evident. This girl's father is probably thinking: "she just ruined her reputation for what?..." You don't need to be Conservative or "Progressive" to get where this father is coming from.