Liberals Never Learn

Canadians love Big Ideas - don't they?

They love politicians that obsess about stuff they don't care about... You know things that have nothing to do with putting food on the table, getting the garbage out, getting the kids to school...

Canada should entrench economic rights such as the right to timely heath care and a decent education into an updated Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the president of the Liberal Party of Canada said on Thursday.

Alfred Apps, who faced calls from within the party for his resignation after the Liberals’ crushing electoral defeat, speaking to the Empire Club of Canada in a downtown Toronto ballroom, said his party should make the push for a “second Charter” one its fundamental long-term goals.(link)

I'm sure Alfred is a nice guy, but holy moly was this a bad time to be talking "big ideas" as an embattled Liberalismo Party Presidentay.

Just recently the Manning Institute released a poll showing that Canucks don't like Big Ideas.

To fair I don't think Canucks have ever liked Big Ideas. Meech Lake and Charlottetown are good evidence of that.

To make matters worse for Apps, these really aren't good ideas.

Who out there really believes by enshrining a fantastical right for Canucks to Free Healthcare in a "timely manner" will actually guarantee it?

Further, if we really wanted to talk about expanding the Charter, wouldn't you want to go to the most glaring problem - no property rights?