Israeli Pullout

Curmudgeons commented on the Israeli pull-out this week.
The Israeli eviction of settlers from Gaza, leaving aside the strategic reasons for it, will not lead to peace. Palestinian terrorists will become emboldened. However, there will be more Palestinian on Palestinian violence as the struggle to control Gaza commences. That may be what Sharon is counting on.

Interesting theory behind the true strategy Sharon is planning to use. If I ever was an Israeli citizen myself, I've always thought I would be a "land for peace" guy. For every inch of land Israel returns, it should get some sort of guarantee of peace.

That land was taken over by Israel in a conflict that has never been fully resolved. Resolution is what is needed. Anything less, will not lead to more peace.

And I wouldn't bank on more Palestinian on Palestinian violence. So long as the state of Israel exists, and there is no agreement, there will always enough violence from terrorist groups.

Unless Israel is ever put out to pasture, Palestinian terrorists will remain united in their hatred.

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