Homolka's Jail Pal

Well this isn't reassuring:
"I think Ms. Homolka must always have restrictions to stay away from children because according to what she said, her fantasies involve pedophilia. I can't say anything more than that. It's adolescents. She likes that and that won't change."
"Sorry, but I don't believe it because she told me herself that she didn't regret it, that she took pleasure in doing it."

Of course this woman could be lying through her teeth about Homolka in some sort of desperate quest for attention. Though I find it unlikely given Homolka's previous comments that have lead many to question whether or not she really is reformed.

I can't understand how the justice system in this country seems to be able to so easily release sex-offenders to the public when there is so much doubt. In these cases, the decision of whether or not to release should err on the side of protecting the public.

If Homolka, or any other sex offender truly felt remorse for what they did, then I would think they to would want to err on the side of protecting the public. I would think that they would want to make sure that they were truly reformed before they could be put in a situation where they could re-offend. Really, I would think that the guilt would make them never want to leave prison in the first place.

I don't see evidence of any of that in Karla Homolka. For Quebequers sake, I'm hoping I'm wrong, because otherwise it means it's only a matter of time before Homolka re-offends.

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