Mars Sky Coloured?

Via Robot Guy, apparently Sir Charles W. Shults III has been claiming that not only are there water geysers on Mars, but that NASA has been editing Martian images to make Mars seem drier than it actually is.

I gotta say I'm skeptical (I'm always skeptical about everything I guess). Why would NASA hide something that would be so mind blowing it may create a gut spewing frenzy from Congress to pour cold hard cash down the dark hole of NASA? Why wouldn't NASA want to doctor the images to make Mars look more Earth like and so more exciting so they could get more cash?

I don't know one aeota as much as this Knight. But his claim that "A single perfect mass of absolutely uniform color never shows up in any photograph or digital image," isn't exactly true. He zooms in on only one area of the "edited" image. When you look at the whole jpeg, it shows slightly different shades of the same colour in a block type pattern similar to feed you would expect from an internet camera. Crap, that might happen from something that happens when the image gets converted between formats, or who knows what else... So you basically have to trust a Knight's word I guess in this case. And if Robot Guy really knows and trusts the guy I'm more inclined to trust him.

But the stuff on cut away horizons... Now that's just one whole new level of freaky. There's no way to explain away that stuff that I know of. Why NASA would cut away sections of photos like that in such an obvious way... Well there is no obvious explanation, and it's amazing that no one has called NASA on these photos yet.

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  1. You don't need to trust his word on it Jason. He provides links to all the original photos on the NASA/JPL site, and you can go and look at them yourself. It might take you a while to wade through all the photos (Sir Charles has been working on this for a year and a half), but he shows you exactly how he does all his image processing and you can repeat his work to see if you come up with the same results.