New CPC Ads

The Conservative Party has released a new set of ads. Speculation is abound that this is a sign that a fall election is imminent. I think it's a sign that the Tories raised just under $5 mill this year compared to the scandal ridden Liberals that couldn't even muster $2 mill.

More money means more ads. Who knows what the ones they are working on now will end up looking like in the campaign.

I'm impressed by these ones though. They are focusing on issues: Healthcare, Childcare, Taxes. That's what my impression of where, on the political landscape, the party can make serious inroads.

We can not go into another election on corruption alone as an issue. Worse yet we can't have another issueless election. Canadians are thirsting for solutions on Healthcare, Childcare and they still want lower taxes.

The ads are corny, but they work. Harper seems more genuine than anyone else. And they are showcasing MacKay, and Ambrose... It's the Conservative team vs. team Martin.

Though I really don't like the voice of the woman at the disclaimer section of the ads... Could the voice sound anymore depressing?

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