Martian Global Warming

Apparently the Martian Polar Ice Caps have been shrinking:
"Mars is experiencing global warming, and we don't know why."

This comes via A Voyage To Acturus:
"No one's SUV is on Mars. No evil oil companies raping the environment, no heedless Americans blundering toward disaster, none of the bogeys incessantly invoked by the hectoring, superstitious, fashionable political types back on Earth.
They stopped. But the answer is not on Earth. We have one great thing in common with Mars -- both planets orbit the same star. The only mechanism that could be warming them both is solar forcing. Will the PC crowd, which is scarcely less scientifically illiterate than the red-staters they despise, raise their eyes from the Earth to the real answer?"

Actually, I read a report about a couple years ago, about a researcher that theorized that global warming could be attributed to interstellar radiation. The theory was, as the sun travels through more denser regions of the galaxy, radiation goes up, and the earth warms. He predicted average world temperatures pretty well bang on according to what I read. This result from the Mars Global Surveyor may add extra evidence to that theory.

I'm probably butchering the whole report... I don't have a link to it - so I apologize if I'm just papering over details.

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