Attack of the Clones...

Cloning Mammoths earned this comment from the Daily Mail:

"What I somewhat resent though, is the possibility of cloning or insemination in view of duplicating or procreating individuals like Hitler, Yvan the Terrible, Stalin, Lenin, Mussolini, Henry the VIII etc."

T.L. James thinks this guy is talking about so-called 'sci-fi' cloning:

"Yet again, someone confusing biological cloning (making what amounts to an after-the-fact identical twin) with sci-fi 'cloning' (making an identical copy of an individual). Since no one has any way of copying memories, character, aquired brain structure, and other experience-influenced attributes from one individual to another, this should hardly be a concern. And never mind that even if it were possible, we do not have the source material for any of those individuals...their dead brains being somewhat less than fresh."

Maybe I'm wrong but I think TL is the one getting confused.

The way I sees it, the guy wasn't talking about "sci-fi cloning" per say, he was just talking about "cloning" in general. Now I might be wrong about that, but like I said that's the way I sees it.

The fact is that the cloning of humans is a real possibility. I don't doubt for a moment, that if human "biological" cloning became as easy as pie that crazies who had the money would do what it took to clone people like Hitler and others.

Now the babies that are created no doubt would look like Hitler but not be him, but TL is assuming that that means a hill of beans to people who don't think rationaly.

Cults like the Raeliens who have already claimed to have cloned humans before, would be the first to try to 'resurrect' themselves. Now obviously clones will be just like identical twins, and not a copy of the actual individual or his memories. That's not the point. The point is, that people won't care. If they've already bought a lie, they keep on buying. They don't care if the clone doesn't have the same memories as the original, for them it's "immortality" bought and sold.

White Supremists could easily clone notorious Nazy leaders, and raise the child indoctrinating him and making him believe he is some sort of re-incarnation. I can see some French bringing back a Napoleon or two, and who knows what else?

We're forgetting that messed up people are messed up. They don't see things right. We shouldn't make the mistake of thinking that irrational people with a skewed outlook on reality will behave rationally all of sudden when it comes to human cloning.

Now Maybe TL's right, and this guy was talking about so-called "sci-fi" cloning. It don't matter. His point, however badly made, is still made. People like Hitler shouldn't be glorified in that way.

Creating biological clones of these people doesn't just harm the deluted people doing it I would say, but also the human beings they're making.

Can you imagine trying to live out your live knowing you are a biological copy of Adolf Hitler? Can you imagine what that would be like?

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