This is just slander against Hezbollah has been shut down.

Warren Kinsella is elated:
"Good. There are limits, even in the blogosphere. And if some of us have to litigate to establish legal precedents that there are, indeed, limits in the blogosphere, then that's exactly what some of us are going to do. Civilly, criminally, whatever it takes."

I guess your opinion of whether this type of censoring is right or not depends a great deal on which side of the political divide you come from. I wonder how many web sites over the years attempted to link Conservatives and in particular Stephen Harper to Nazism?

Warren Kinsella doesn't seem so worried about those. Hell, he may have even condemned those web sites, but he certainly doesn't make the fuss that he does when it's lefties getting muddied.

Quite frankly, although Warren may not think so, his "legal" tactics seem more like "bully" tactics to me. Again I guess that must depend on the side of the bullying you are on.

People shouldn't be censored for speaking their minds, regardless if they are saying stupid things. That would be against something called "freedom of speech." It's a hard thing to fight for, but it does in fact exist.

An old case in point comes to mind.

An "anonymous" commentator once commented on a post I made about Warren Kinsella. His name was "Warren K." He called me a moron, and used some choice expletives to express that point. Now I'm not sure if that was the "real" Warren Kinsella. But he is entitled to his opinion. Just as I am entitled to not pay attention to it and not publish his comment. Too bad, so sad.

If the mysterious "Warren K" would like to post something on his web site about how I am such a "f---ing moron" then I guess that's entirely his right. That's not slander, that's his opinion.

As such, I can call this "Warren K" an arrogant 3 year old, not knowing how to defend himself having to resort to innapropriate language to do so. That's my right.

True cases of slander no doubt exist, but that actually happens when someone publicly says a lie about someone else. If I were to say that "Warren K" has stolen babies in his basement, that would be slander.

Expressing an opinion - that's not.

And for the sake of the Dominion, let me offer up an opinion to reclaim our much tarnished right to freedom of expression in this country by saying that comparing the Hezbollah to the Liberal Party is slanderous if anything against the Hezbollah.

That's just an opinion. Maybe "Warren K" would like to sue? My suggestion is that he can go ahead. Young Canucks straight out of school aren't exactly millionaires for "Warren K" to pick off of.


  1. Calm down. You're getting yourself all worked up.

  2. Warren K returns.

    At least you aren't swearing at me. I wonder what your kids would say if they heard you use that language.

    As to ME getting worked up, I have to apologize. I forgot to take my happy lefty pill this morn'.


    Yep, there ya go. Pleasant ignorant bliss ahead where I don't care how much I get taxed, or where all the money in the sponsorship scandal went, or how much money the gun registry costs, or what bias the CBC has, or what the promises the government keeps, or what TV channels I am "allowed" to watch, or ... (This is the point where this blog bends both time and space and creates a portal into another dimension where an infinity of Liberal stupidies are forever showcased...)

    (Insert Laughter Here)