When things go drastically wrong...

I love when people jazz up news articles to entice people to read...
"Two astronauts primed the International Space Station (ISS) for future construction and installed a vital safety sensor to its exterior Thursday during a speedy spacewalk hundreds of miles above Earth."

So vital they didn't have one all this time and no Astronaut got a shock of Frankenstein proportions... At least that I'm aware of anyway.

But it gets better...
"ISS Expedition 13 flight engineers Jeffrey Williams and Thomas Reiter spent nearly six hours toiling outside the station while their commander – Russian cosmonaut Pavel Vinogradov – worked alone inside the orbital laboratory. They worked so fast that flight controllers at NASA’s Johnson Space Center (JSC) in Houston ran out of spacewalking tasks for them..."

Allow me to finish this article for them...

"Flight engineer Jeffrey Williams worked at furious pace installing the vital and tremendously important sensor against all odds. Labouring tirelessly the veteran Astronaut fought off the horrendous irradiated vaccum of space for hours on end."

"That was when things went drastically wrong."

" 'We didn't see it coming,' said Reiter in an exclusive interview with SPACE.com. 'It was so horrible I can barely mention it.' "

"About 4 hours into the spacewalk flight controllers at JSC started to voice concerns over some errant suit data showing a sudden increase in pressure, followed by eerie vibrations. Strange sounds were heard from William's radio."

" 'I'm having some problems here,' Williams said at one point. Then after some tense exciting horrifyingly nervewracking moments he said '...trouble breathing...' "

"Minutes later Reiter reported seing strange discolorations in Williams face, and claimed that Williams was having problems breathing."

" 'It wasn't his fault,' Reiter recalled in a live interview broadcast from the ISS aftewards. 'I was supposed to eat that bean burrito not him.' "

"SPACE.com has obtained information from members of Jeffrey Williams family, that flatulence was a re-occuring problem for the esteemed Astronaut as a child.

Insert Laughter here.

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