Bottled Water A Sin?

What does the United Church consider one of the most pressing moral evils of today? Bottled Water.

'The United Church of Canada may ask its members to stop buying bottled water.'

'The request is part of a resolution against the privatization of water supplies that has been put before delegates at the church's general council this week in Thunder Bay.'
'Richard Chambers, the social policy co-ordinator with the national office of the church, said that water is a human right, and no one should profit from it.'

' "We're against the commodification, the privatization is another way to say it, of water anyway, anywhere," he told CBC News.'

' "And bottled water that we see being sold in Canada is just an example of that. The thin edge of the wedge of the privatization of water." '

I have to ask, since I know many good Catholics get wrapped up in this "water is a human right" nonsense, just where in Cathecism or Commandment does it say that someone can't sell bottled water? If someone owns land with a lake on it, how can anyone say that that water is not his to sell for himself? This isn't as if someone has bought the ocean, that can be legitimately claimed to be a free resource - like air.

'Ironically, the church's delegates are drinking bottled water this week at its meeting at Lakehead University. The conference facility was not equipped to provide drinking water.'

Alright now that's just funny.

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