iPod, iSchmod...

What's the latest innovation from Steve Jobs? Listen to this, a mobile phone that can actually play music... ummmm... Just like almost every other mobile phone out there?..
"The maker of the popular iPod portable music player will introduce a mobile phone capable of playing music..."

How downright spine tingling. All the mac masses bow to your golden calf.

Steve Job's brilliance has produced tech that can let you do what you already could do except now you can pay Mac to do it.

Yep those are some sherlock's working for Jobs I'll tell you that much...

But what's this? Their mobile is "different" they say.

How so? It "...will run on Apple's operating system and utilize a touch screen instead of the multiple buttons used on other mobile devices."

Because we all know how much people were just screaming for a touchscreen on a mobile phone. It's not like there aint enough things that could already go wrong on one of the darn things.

Now we need an extra piece of tech on it?... For what? People who can't be bothered to press push buttons?

And better yet, it will run on a Mac OS. Like we really were screaming for another monopoly on operating systems this time when it comes to cell phones.

The only hope for me came when I heard of "iTV." Watching downloaded video on your TV seamlessly is definitely some new tech that is on the cutting edge.
"Jobs said Apple TV will have 720 pixel high-definition video, a 40GB hard drive to hold up to 50 hours of video. Apple TV will also use 802.11n, the new wireless draft standard. The product will sell for $299 US."

"'Just like you set up an iPod, set up a TV,' he said."

Great. They're gonna copy the one loosing model they already have for selling music online and mirror it when it comes to movies.

"Selling" is such a relative word to coneheads in the IT industry. Legal music download sites provide what's closer to song "leasing" or song "renting." Because many services will terminate your use of your MP3s if you stops subscribing. And in the case of Apple's iTunes service, you must pay extra if you want to transfer your music to a portable MP3 player. Any attempt to work around this problem is prevented by the iTunes service agreement which states that you buy their songs agreeing that you will not remove any security features on them that limit their use.

It's better to just buy a damned CD from the store.

I look forward to the day when a company in the IT industry comes forward with three ideas that I believe will shake things up:
1) Lowering prices below those of their competitors, and actually really competing from a classic supply and demand view point.
2) Granting user licenses that are "freer" for the end user
3) Creating new tech, that is actually new, and actually lets people have some sort of new functionality instead of re-inventing old ones.

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