Release the report already...

Dion's joined the bandwagon express to get Harper to release newly defected Tory MP Khan's report on the middle east.

At this point just what is holding the PMO up from releasing the darn thing? As rumors swirl, it can't possibly as bad as people are making it out to be.

We all know he spent $13,000 to make up the thing. And apparently Khan made a promise to make it public when he was done. Now the question "just what is the definition of a promise" to the Liberals leaves one to wonder if Khan promised anything such. Lacking any evidence otherwise I'm forced to trust the media (gulp!) and believe that he did make that promise.

Release already. Let's get it out in the open so we fight it, or diffuse what's quickly turning into a circus.

And if not that better communicate a message about why you aren't releasing the report. The PR vacuum on this affair is getting tiresome.


  1. Well, certainly the Prime Minister is under no obligation to release the report, and it certainly is not in Khans hands to make any such promise to do so..the libs are making a mountain out of a molehill because they think they can gain traction in that the report was not what PMSH wanted to see, i.e. not backing his stance on supporting Israel (or being highly critical of Israel..)...we will see..

  2. Harper made no such promise. He said it would be released to the public and then changed his mind for some reason. It's the media who are pushing this as a "promise". If it ain't in the blue book, it ain't a promise.