I chose the wrong profession...

Limo driver... Why didn't I ever think Limo driver instead of engineer?
"The Conservative cabinet minister in charge of helping the world's poor spent more than $4,000 for a fill-in chauffeur while her regular driver was off for 11 days, Sun Media has learned."

Now, let's all take a collective deep breath here.

Limo costs regularly can get up to $130 per hour to rent. The chauffeur in question worked for 124 hours over 11 days. That's an average of 11 hours per day. At a total cost of $4,000, that works out to an hourly rate of $32 per hour.

That's about the rental fee of a cheap luxury sedan.

So, the next question becomes just what do other minister's normally pay for limo's? Did previous Liberal ministers pay any less?... Somehow I doubt that.

My thinking is that this story is merely a ploy by the Liberals to generate some negative publicity out of freedom of information requests.

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