Gradatim Alright...

Jeff Bezos has creaked open the dead bolted door to his Blue Origin experiment.

We can see a ship. We can see it fly. We can see it not crash.

All and all he's beating a lot of Ex-X-Prize competitors already.

What's better he seems to have a sense of reality: "Slow and steady is the way to achieve results, and we do not kid ourselves into thinking this will get easier as we go along."

No kidding.

The road to space tourism is littered already with the dead decapitated bodies of small business startups that "thought" they could... Or so the story goes.

I'm thinking that their insistence on using a vertical take-off and landing system is going to make their motto "Gradatim Ferociter" (TM) all the more appropriate.

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  1. Anonymous5:28 PM


    Howza 'bout a magnetic rail inclined along a hill/mountain...