When some things don't belong...

In a speech that would make even the most modest of Tories blush with glee, after a year in power that saw the Conservatives meet what was their two main priorities in a minority government, the Globe and Mail offers this bit of cynicism:
"There was no mention of health care in Mr. Harper's 15-minute, address. Obtaining a wait-times guarantee from the provinces had been one of his government's top five priorities but seems to have fallen down the list."

Does that sound peachy? Kinda like a Liberal could have written it - but let's not insult people here.

It's very strange because I remember Harper listing two main priorities that would be the primary focus of his government in interviews during the last election. The GST cut and the Federal Accountability Act were mentioned more than once if I'm not mistaken. The greater 5 were portrayed as part of the bigger package likely to stretch over his entire mandate.

But it seems all it takes for the Globe is for one priority to be missed in a minority government that's in it's first year for negativity to be ripe...

I wonder where the globe was with comments like this one during Paul Martin's regime? That government managed to accomplish bupkis by this point in their mandate...

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