Abort The World

Pro-Choicers decided to stage a "die-in" this weekend. Minister Bev's office was the victim of this teenage like stunt. For those that don't know what a "die-in" is (neither did I until I looked it up), Wikipedia defines it as a "form of protest where participants simulate being dead." Sounds like loads of family friendly fun! Then again pro-choicers aren't exactly about being "family friendly."

The article offered three reasons for their "protest" of the governments recent actions:
1) 70,000 women a year die from unsafe abortions
2) The United Nations thinks it's a good idea.
3) "... it’s needed so women can be equal participants in society."

Three things off the top of my head:
1) What about the millions of unborn babies killed every year from very safe abortions?
2) The UN also thought a lot of not so good things were good
3) I suppose the millions of female babies aborted in China in the last decade were also in the name of gender equality?

The government has taken a VERY neutral stance on Women's health and Abortion: not to promote abortions galore around the world.

They could have funded pro-life programs around the world instead! Hey they could have even taken the extremely successful abstinence program in Uganda and tried to impose it on everybody else. That's not arrogant at all is it?

That would have been "die-in" worthy.

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