Chretien's Retirement Blues

OTTAWA - Jean Chretien says he thinks politicians get a bum rap from ungrateful and cynical voters.(link)
Ya... Because a billion dollar boondoogle is just an "ungrateful" and "cynical" public. We mere peons are so undeserving.

The complete gall and absolute arrogance of the man that is Jean Chretien never ceases to amaze me. This man said he would ditch the GST and lied. He said he would ditch NAFTA and lied. He was response for a government that squandered billions of dollars fattening the coffers of Liberal "friends" and has never taken responsibility for it.

That is Jean Chretien's legacy.

So my response to his current meanderings is "Boo-hoo!" Go suck a lemon... The peons aren't buying your lousy excuses and neither will history.

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