Canada's Korean Blunder

Canada is imposing sanctions on North Korea after the country was implicated in the sinking of a South Korean warship in March, killing 46 sailors.(link)
North Korea was "implicated"?... More like North Korea was caught red handed:

This situation seems crazy. North Korea spent years doing nothing. Why now?

Possibility recent Communist blunders have lead to internal instability. Internal instability leads to external insecurity.

The decision to impose economic sanctions against the North is baffling to me. The North, in a state of economic collapse, has no one to blame except itself for its troubles.

Here comes the west to give Kim Jong-il someone else to blame.

Sanctions have worked where exactly? Iraq? Cuba? Zimbabwe? Somalia? Burma?

They've worked no where. They do nothing except harm the local populace and turn them against those that imposed them.

North Korea should be scolded privately for this blatant act of aggression. Publicly the game of diplomacy needs to better played to strategically isolate the regime and to give them no political legs to fall back on.

If war is coming the cards need to be played right now to seed discontent in the North. We don't want the opposite to happen.

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