The CBC Conundrum

How do you like that big word: "conundrum?"  I thought it was pretty impressive.  Especially for a rural-Conservative intolerant gun-toting moron like me.  Oh well I guess there's always some grand socialist scheme to wipe me out anyways so why worry?

Admit it: that's exactly what those urban downtown TO yuppies at the CBC really think of any small-c-conservative out there.  Frank Grave's partisan faux pas was just the tip of the iceberg.  Everybody knows it.  This isn't some big secret.

The Communist Broadcasting Corporation is in a decades old love affair with everything Trudeau, statist, and "progressive."  It gets tiring to see them hide it.

And yet they still try.  This past week the CBC declared it was going to commission a study to determine if its coverage is biased.  I've sat back this past week and watched the oh-so very predictable jokes.

Resisting the oh-so easy target I've decided to let go.  The CBC's "bias" is joke enough already.

Instead I've focused on one thing in the brouhaha: the CBC for once in its cushy existence feels the need to prop-up its laughable credibility.  It's the equivalent of having FOX news feel the need to reestablish its credibility with its Conservative viewers in the US.  That would only happen if FOX really screwed up.

The CBC's image has been tarnished so badly that they must be worried even old Liberals don't trust them anymore.  That thought fills me with a tiny sliver of hope.

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