Ansari At Her Best...

Ansari's blog post from orbit brings hope to rest the rest of us stuck on Terra Firma:
...Finally the moment arrived and the countdown started. LA, Misha and I put our hands together and said “Ready… here we go.” I thanked God for helping me realize my dream and for everything it has given me. I asked it to fill the heart of all its beings with its love and to bring peace to this beautiful creation we call Earth.


I could not stop giggling the whole time… I was finally able to take a look outside and saw the Earth for the first time… Tears started rolling down my face. I could not catch my breath… Even thinking about it now still brings tears to my eyes. Here it was this beautiful planet turning graciously about itself, under the warm rays of the Sun… so peaceful…so full of life… no signs of war, no signs of borders, no signs of trouble, just pure beauty…

How I wished everyone could experience this feeling in their heart, specially those who are at the head of the governments in the world. may be this experience would give them a new perspective and help bring peace to the world.

Ansari's space ride may do little in her native homeland of Iran despite those that have hoped otherwise.

The real good Ansari may do may not be in the political realm, but in the realm of the human spirit.

We are a very anxious race. We can't wait to leave this place. Ansari's run gives everyone hope that the experience she's been blessed with may one day be possible for everyone.

In a world where NASA has done everything it could do to eliminate that hope, Ansari re-ignites it in the same way that Burt Rutan did with the X-prize winning flight of the SS1. In a world in the grips of a global conflict over terror that quickly turning into one centered around religion hope for something better is always a welcome sign.

Dito on Robot Guy's sentiments.

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