The Clown Show Files XV

The rancid smell of death is spewing from Dath Volpe's campaign:
"...the Canadian Press reported yesterday there is speculation Volpe will withdraw from the nine-member leadership race, some Liberals say privately he won't do so."

I find it so hard to believe that the man who's known to scare more than one child into donating tens of thousands of dollars to his campaign would all of sudden get jittery over some Quebec membership list problemos.

It's not like other leadership candidates in the past haven't weathered that storm. You might as well call Quebec membership irregularities pulling a "Stronach" for all her ill fated woes. This amazing ability of Quebec turning out to be a mess of a problem for leadership campaigns affects Tories just as it does Liberals... Well let's say particular Tories and particular Liberals.

I wouldn't doubt that these scandals were the by-product of some excellent oppo research on the behalf of his fellow Liberal leadership contenders. Which ones doesn't really matter. The fact is that Volpe's campaign at the very least is guilty of some shady "Chretien-era" like dealings.

I'd hope that all of this might humble the man we know and try to love in Joe Volpe. But like I've said on numerous occasion before: he ispires more fear than love.

He behaves and acts like a bully trying to hide himself. He may not see it that way, but it certainly is the way it does come across. He's ill tempered from what I've seen, and generally a hard hard man.

Of course that's all based on superficial judgements of the man on TV. Those that have met him in person can better testisfy to his character than me. But I find it hard to believe otherwise...

PM Rae?
Oh, how those words strike fear in the hearts of little babies, old ladies, and widows and generally anyone with a heartbeat all over Ontario.

More focus is being launched on him now that it looks like Ignatieff and Rae are the front runners in this clown show. Now I don't know the mind of a Liberal, but based on their decision of front runners I'd say they are thinking go with the new. They want a break with the past. So onward Harvard Egghead Brat and NDP turncoat!

Dion's a strong third by the looks of things. The only man that could have made a dent in the Stephen Harper coalition looks set to loose. Anything can happen still. Though if these numbers hold up much longer I'm willing to predict a Stephen Harper Majority government in the next election.

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  1. Anonymous2:37 PM

    Hardcore supporters rally for Joe

    Volpe supporters insist THEY WILL NOT BE MOVED