Farewell Klein

I have to admit that part of me wants to say 'good riddens.' Or maybe 'finally?'

Klein's loyalty to the Conservative brand is a little testy in my opinion... Or at least he's made it seem that way with some of his actions of his later years.

But in the end, I'm a nice guy. So, thank you Premier Klein.

Thank you for manning the Alberta machine for all those years. Thank you for being sometimes the only voice to stand up to King Jean back in the 90s. Thank you for leading the fight against the ridiculous waste of time and money that we call the gun registry. Thank you for balancing budgets and making the tough decisions when you needed to.

Thank you, and best wishes with your retirement.

1 comment:

  1. Klein ran for the leadership of the Progressive Consevatives on a bar bet, he was always a Liberal.
    He caved on every issue to Cretin. being a blowhard is not standing up to anyone or anything.
    He sacraficed a good man on the alter of longgun registry laws, and a monkey could balance Alberta's budget(if massive surpluses pissed away is balancing)
    Alberta has the largest beauracracy in Canada per capita.
    How large is the heritage fund now after yrs of billion dollar surpluses?
    Once a Liberal always a Liberal.
    Good riddence Ralph and I hope Alberta gets a real Conservative leader who won't fritter and waste the public's money on huge government and pet projects.
    Klein was/is all bluster and no bang.