a REAL leader

Harper's announced plans to introduce a bill to elect senators.

Finally, a Prime Minister who LEADS.
"The government isn't looking for another report. We are seeking action..."

No doubt the NDP will try to abolish the senate as is stated in their electoral platform. That has shown that they recognize the need for some sort of senate reform. Having an unelected body of representatives is as archane and antiquated as the head tax.

They may very well block any attempts at all to reform the senate motivated primarily by stubborness over the issue. Instead of compromising, they may just block because Harper wants to have senators elected. It's abolishion or nothing.

I think most Dippers see the need for senate reform, though they may disagree with Conservatives on just what senate reform is needed. They may very well act with Conservatives to achieve some of that reform. Harper has shown he's willing to compromise in areas where there is wiggle room. But only time will tell what the Dippers will do.

As for the Grits, I think this disturbs their hegemony over the country. They will fight this with everything they have - or at least should. With their control of the senate, they have the unelected unlimited authority to slow down and block anything the Conservatives do.

And the block, well they won't be much happy with this either. Their stance is the same as the NDP.

Harper's chances to push this through are low. That being said, his image in the public eye will just get better and better the longer this drags on. Who wants to stand against the argument that the people that represent us should be elected?

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