Belindaisms #1,526,325

Belinda Stronach says that if she was a man, no one would be making as big of a deal over recent allegations that she had an affair with Leafs enforcer Domy and possibly broke up his marriage. Sexism she screams in her silent way.

I disagree.

If a MALE blonde auto parts magnate heir was alleged to have had an illicit affair with Leafs tough guy Domy, then I'm thinking the press would be making even a BIGGER deal.


  1. Dammit...I clicked the link to comment but it's pretty much a carbon copy of your punchline.

    Great minds think alike?

  2. Anonymous6:45 PM

    If Belinda was a man she would be working a lathe at her old man's shop right now..

  3. She could always get "gender reassignment surgery", it's socially accepted among her types anyway.