Ignatieff Vs Rae - SMACKDOWN!

Or at least that's the way the press is making it out to be. Somewhere
along the line of crapola spewing from the Star we can see some frank

Conservative Strategist Doug Finney's memo for one. Haven't heard?
It's the biggest whopper of a memo to leak to the press. My guess is
heads are rolling over it. Basically it favours Rae over Ignatieff as a
preferred candidate.

In short, Ignatieff is more of threat. And that shouldn't be suprising.
Ignatieff is the only one not well known by the Canadian populace as a
raging lefty or a liar in this bunch of hapless clowns we call a
"Liberal Leadership race."

He's more of a threat. But not necessary much of a threat. He's a
Harvard brat Egghead. How enchanting is that for a Prime Minister? A
man who's spent most of the past years in the US expousing the benefits
of the War in Iraq. So many beating sticks the Liberals had over the
Tories are withering away at the very prospect.

What's interesting the positively positive press Ignatieff is getting
from the Star of all papers in the lead up to the vote... Can I smell a
bias in all of this from the Commies at the star?

Over and out.

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