Another Day, Another Space Golfer

The Russian's yet again appear to be higher on the free-market curve when it comes to space than the American's are with their impending "Golf stunt." Basically a cosmonaut will tee off outside the station in a space suit for good cashy monie. The "invisible hand" of free-market economics is about to break atmo.

I've talked about these types of gimicks before. My opinion hasn't changed. This brings private enterprise into space - the first step to getting my own behind out there and the rest of my space nutso compadres.

I don't particularly see the safety issue concerning this. In order for this golf ball to become a "ballistic golf ball" and strike the station the cosmonaut would have to hit the ball on a very specific trajectory.

Not to mention the fact that according to some estimates 100,000 pieces of debris already exist in orbit in the same size range as our lovable golf ball. If a single golf ball is a safety issue, the Station is already swimming in a pool of danger as far as I'm concerned.

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