Bi-Election Thoughts...

Elizabeth May's suprise bushwacking of the NDP in London should make dippers cringe. They have a new threat to face.

Also the Tories dropped by 4 %. That's a recipe for disaster if that number drop is consistent across all of Ontario. Talk is abounds about those voters migrating over to the Green's of all places. I wouldn't doub it. I know many Conservatives, and sometimes ultra-Conservatives express interest in some of the Green Party's policies. Even I have to admit that some of it doesn't seem completely "out there." Though my guess is Tory sympathy for the Green Party only exists so far as they want them in parliament. Their first loyalty is to the Tory party.

Father Graves is in parliament. Apparently he plans to vote against re-visiting the same sex marriage issue. So much for the pledge he gave not to vote on certain "moral" issues his bishop asked him not to touch. I wonder how he rationalizes such a choice, but some things are between a soul and God.

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