Target these MPs on Same Sex Marriage

As regular readers may note I've been unimpressed by the strategy (or lack thereof) of the trad-marriage movement. A blanket campaign to get people to contact their MP to get them to vote for traditional marriage can only be so effective. Jason Kenney does not need to be pressured to vote for trad-marriage for instance.

But specific MPs could be targeted. Particularly those that voted for traditional marriage but were noticeably absent the last time around.

As a public service I list them here:
Cardin, Serge
Comuzzi, Joe
MacAulay, Lawrence
Matthews, Bill
Perron, Gilles-A.

The last time around the vote split 150 yay, 130 yay against trad-marriage. Since the last election no real movement has been shown in those numbers. But if as little as 10 MPs change their minds, that alone can make a difference.

I certainly don't agree with the strategy around this vote - and I doubt Harper does either. Most of the stuff I'm reading seems to leave the insinuation that it was caucus pressure that lead to this vote.

My thinking has always been that we need to stall. Stall until an election gets called and the make-up of the house can potentially be changed, or the trad-marriage movement makes some inroads with MPs.

Since that's not going to happen all I can do is urge all of you to contact these MPs listed and the MPs of the Liberal Party in particular that seem to have forgotten their "trad marriage" stand in a few years. Like I said the Jason Kenney's of MPs don't need to be convinced to vote on our side because they already are on our side.

And I sincerely hope this vote passes, because if it fails we will not see another opportunity like this for a long long time.

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